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Peak Performance

Peak Performance is a Sports Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy Clinic based in Bangalore. Started by Dr.Yash Pandey (M.Sc. Sports Injury Management - England) and Dr.Dipali Pandey (PG, Advanced Sports Rehabilitation - Australia) with a purpose of providing the best Physical Therapy practices ethically and technically to help athletes or individuals in evolving and becoming the best version of themselves whether it's through Injury Management, Strength and Conditioning or Recovery. Our motto is "Treating the cause, not the symptom", which residues as an unflinching core value. We have served more than 10,000 people across Bengaluru and India in the last 5 years. We help you lead the life you deserve, uninterrupted by pain, injury or under performance ; hence our services are rated the best, and we are very happy to know from our clients that we are one of the best in the country.


4 Weeks

Rs. 8800


4 Weeks

Rs. 6400


4 Weeks

Rs. 7500